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 paper machine mcs system-j9九游国际真人
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paper machine mcs system
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mcs (machine control system) is a subsystem of the entire paper machine control system, and its structure is completely similar to that of dcs. mcs is more inclined to logical control, and its control object is the main mechanical equipment of paper and related auxiliary equipment. it is an auxiliary control system to ensure the equipment in accordance with the process, safety and other requirements, including from the machine forming part, pressing, drying, sizing, calendering, winding, coating, lubrication system, hydraulic system, air pressure system, alarm monitoring system and other related equipment control. mcs ususally consider together with the main drive system during the implementation of the project. this is due to the fact that compared to dcs, mcs has more interlocking control between the mcs and the main drive system.


mcs main control are as follow: tension, deviation correction and alarm system of clothing, lifting and pressurization control of roller, operation and interlock control of high-pressure water spray pipe, lifting and moving control of surface scraper, monitoring of hydraulic station, monitoring of air pressure system, etc.


mcs includes hmi, signal input interface, execution output drive, alarm warning system, safety interlock, network and auxiliary power supply part, etc., through the field installation of various sensors to detect the status of the equipment, perform relevant operation instructions and logic operations, then output the corresponding signal to drive such as motor, solenoid valve, servo valve, cylinder, oil cylinder and other equipment actions, to achieve the purpose of machine control.

mcs usually adopts the combination of central controller and distributed io, and uses a high-speed bus network and reasonably locates the distributed io stations to achieve the goals of higher degree of automation, optimal total project cost and better control.


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