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gaoda sci-tech intelligent factory " purple sweet potato system wisdig"
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in the past 20 years, economic and social development and technology-driven have made the business world complex and changeable, and digital transformation is not only the upgrading of technological development and industrial applications, but also the systematic transformation of the industry. conformed to the development of the timesand combined its own advantages, gaoda sci-tech has always been committed to helping enterprises to achieve resilient growth in the future through agile and effective digital transformation.

a fully implemented enterprise information system generally has the following system hierarchy:


    the mes production execution system is the bridge between the upper erp system and the lower pcs system. in order to optimize the function of mes, and use the actual needs of the small and medium-sized owners, gaoda sci-tech on the basis of standard mes launched the purple sweet potato system wisdom-digital system. it integrates the big data at the operation end of the factory, and combs through workflow information. on the basis of comprehensive automation production and digital, it further realizes intelligent production scheduling, equipment operation and maintain, energy consumption management, engineering document management, warehouse management, and other functions, and is the wisdom of chemical plant transformation, and is the sharp tool of smart plant transformation.


the details of purple sweet potato system wisdom-digital system are as follows:

operation data: sort out the current operation data, collect the current device operation data, then classify, summarize and analyze the data, and finally obtain parameters such as devices start and stop times, fault records, device operation rate, and device effective operation rate.


device effective operation rate


device management: according to the device operation data, establish the device ledger system, provide data support for the maintenance, replacement, fault repair, spare parts management of the whole life cycle of the device, and realize the intelligent device management of device maintenance, fault maintenance and device cycle.


device ledger system


device operation cycle early warning


    intelligent scheduling: this section provides functions such as order management, order decomposition, and production scheduling. scheduling personnel can classify orders according to information such as order difficulty, quality requirements, target output, and priorities, so as to optimize product quality and yield and achieve intelligent scheduling.


    energy consumption management: energy management system (ems) is an important part of the enterprise information system, through energy planning, monitoring, statistics, consumption analysis, key energy consumption equipment management and energy measurement equipment management and other means, reasonable planning and utilization of energy, reduce product energy consumption, improve economic benefits. on the basis of the collection, processing, and analysis of energy data, important functions such as report statistics, energy performance, energy planning, energy balance, energy forecasting and energy-saving analysis are realized, so as to obtain the optimal production method.

energy management

    document management: to realize the factory from the design, construction, production, maintenance, upgrading and a series of engineering document management mechanism, and realize the paperless and electronic delivery of the factory management.


device document management

    warehouse management: it includes raw material storage management, finished product storage management and spare parts warehouse management, etc.


    system management: to manage the system personnel and organizational structure. it includes user rights assignment, post management, labor insurance management, security protection and other contents.


organizational architecture management

mobile app application development: it is convenient for managers to control the factory situation in real time through the mobile terminal.

synchronization management through mobile app


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