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iranian guests visit gaoda technology
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    iranian guests visit gaoda technology

at 9 a.m. on december 24, mr. solemani, an iranian guest, was invited to visit gaoda technology. ren kunbiao, deputy general manager of the company, accompanied him throughout the reception. the iranian guests first visited the assembly workshop of gaoda technology and had a detailed understanding of dcs, electrical transmission, o-frame system and sensor aging laboratory, and then had a discussion in gaoda technology conference room. during the discussion, ren kunbiao, deputy general manager, introduced the products of gaoda technology and the development direction of overseas market to the guests. mr. solemani introduced the specific situation of the iranian project and hoped that gaoda technology would go deep into the project and assist them in relevant work. the two sides enjoyed a harmonious atmosphere and pleasant communication. accompanying personnel include: general manager assistant ren xiaoxiong, chief engineer xiao yun, overseas marketing manager zhang kai, product manager chen yong, etc. (text / ren kunbiao / shi jianyun)

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