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mechanical and electrical engineering college of mianyang no
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mechanical and electrical engineering college of mianyang normal university visited gaoda science and technology

december 26, wang huaiyu, secretary of mechanical and electrical engineering college of mianyang normal university, professor zhou yurong, leader of electrical engineering discipline, zhang liang, director of automation teaching and research office, and zhao yongxian, director of laboratory, visited gaoda technology. ren kunbiao, deputy general manager of the company, accompanied the reception. the teachers came to the assembly workshop of gaoda technology to have a detailed understanding of dcs, electrical transmission, o-frame system and sensor laboratory, expressed strong interest in relevant technical products, and fully affirmed the achievements and innovation of gaoda technology in relevant fields. at the symposium after the visit, ren kunbiao, deputy general manager, introduced in detail the relevant background of gaoda technology and its strong strength on the road of specialization and continuous exploration and innovation of corporate culture. gaoda technology's good work and scientific research atmosphere is an excellent student internship and scientific research base. at the same time, he especially hopes that through cooperation with colleges and universities, colleges and universities will go deep and enterprises will go wide in technology. director zhang liang expressed his appreciation for the achievements made by gaoda technology and its great contribution to the society, further expressed the cooperation between schools and enterprises, give full play to complementary advantages, resource sharing, and establish a new practice base outside the school, and invited gaoda technology to give advice on professional adjustment, professional setting, education and teaching of the college of mechanical and electrical engineering. at the end of the talks, the two sides preliminarily reached the intention of school enterprise cooperation. (photo / text: li genda)

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