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about gaoda

sichuan gaoda science&technology co., ltd. is a military-to-civilian enterprise founded by computer application institute of china academy of engineering physics in response to the call of the cpc central committee in the 1990s. the company has focused on the development of pulp and paper industry for more than 20 years, and gradually developed from pulp and paper to cement, petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection, water treatment, military industry and other fields. focus on industrial automation field, engaged in industrial process automation, digital, intelligent product development and production of national high-tech enterprises.

the company is located in mianyang military-civilian integration industrial park, covering an area of 30 mu, with a total construction area of 15,800 square meters, including r&d and office building of 8,800 square meters, digital production workshop of 7,000 square meters, 5 digital production lines and information production management system platform, a provincial technology center and perfect r&d experimental equipment.

the company has more than 120 employees, including 94 employees with college degree or above, accounting for 80% of the total number of employees. there are 45 technical and r&d staff, 4 doctoral candidate, 8 senior titles and more than 30 intermediate titles.

gaoda science&technology is committed to providing customers with high quality detection and control technology solutions, improve the level of industrial automation control testing and information as the goal, in the pulp and paper industry, industrial equipment transformation,integrated municipal waste treatment, tobacco slice, chemical materials, cement, building materials industries have thousands of clients (including foreign). the existing industrial products are: distributed control system (dcs), drive control system, motor control system (mcc), quality control system(qcs),digital factory management system (wisdig), steam and condensate control system, pulp concentration test series product,the surface of material on the surface of on-line defect detection (wis), the production process online real-time monitoring and control system etc.

the company has been identified as "national high-tech enterprise", "miit green manufacturing solution supplier","provincial enterprise technology center", "provincial military-civilian integration enterprise", "mianyang intelligent manufacturing system solution supplier"; through the "iso9001 international quality management system certification", "occupational health and safety management system certification", "environmental management system certification";obtained the "mechanical and electrical engineering construction general contracting 3 qualification",construction mechanical and electrical installation engineering professional level 3 "qualification, "low-voltage complete switch equipment - ggd" certification,gck mandatory certification, weapons and equipment research and production unit level iii, "weapons and equipment quality management system certification", "safe production license" and so on

products covered in addition to tibet, taiwan, hong kong and macao provinces and autonomous regions. the company's products have been exported to russia, serbia, mexico, indonesia, malaysia, myanmar, vietnam, thailand, india, pakistan and other countries, actively explore the international market, and has made outstanding achievements.

the company has a complete service system from product design, equipment manufacturing, engineering planning, installation and debugging to technical training, maintenance and operation, in the domestic numerous areas established a perfect marketing service network, the company headquarters set up customer service center, branches all over the shandong, zhejiang, jiangxi, guangdong, guangxi, henan and so on all over the country, "response within 4 hours, arrive within 8 hours" is the company's service commitment, "integrity, responsibility,enthusiasm,rigorous,rapid, comprehensive" is the company's service concept.gaoda science&technology pursues "helping enterprises realize the" chinese dream "of intelligent manufacturing. to fully implement the international development strategy, continue to improve products and services, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, in the participation of international competition and cooperation, to create a measurement and control platform.

relying on cutting-edge national defense scientific research technology, the company adheres to technological innovation and product innovation, drives the market with technology, and promotes the development of technology with market. both the research and development of new products and the promotion and application of new technology have made great progress.