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special report on 2014 outstanding employees award meeting
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there are such a group of people who are diligent and willing in their daily work. they work for the interests of the company, regardless of personal gains and losses, and take root in their own work. they actively cooperate with and obey the arrangement of the superior leaders in their work, and complete their tasks efficiently, actively and accurately. their work performance and work performance in 2014 are outstanding, and they establish a good image and exemplary role among the employees, it is recognized by leaders and most employees. therefore, they won the honorary title of excellent employees in the 2014 annual staff selection meeting, and announced it in the annual carnival party of kodak technology on february 13, 2015 - they are tan fei, yuan donglin, jiang dongcheng, wu songjiang, shi dongmei and tan guozhi.

the special award for outstanding employees is a customized gold commemorative medallion marked by gaoda technology co., ltd. due to the complicated manufacturing process of customized gold products (made of 12g 9999 pure gold) and the difficulty in selecting customized merchants, the award was delayed on october 13, 2015. general manager han changsheng expressed his views on why excellent employees choose gold products in the award ceremony: "the purity of pure gold represents the loyalty of the owner to the company and the mind of paying for the company regardless of the results. at the same time, gold also represents auspiciousness and wealth, which has preservation value, implying that the company can rise steadily while it is in an invincible position in the market.". next came the award ceremony. the outstanding employees stepped onto the podium in batches. mr. han changsheng, general manager of the company, personally led the senior leadership team. mr. yang yun, deputy general manager of sales, mr. yang guangzhi, deputy general manager of technology, mr. xie pingen, deputy general manager of finance, and mr. wang yihai, chief engineer presented awards to the outstanding employees and took a group photo. the award ceremony ended in a relaxed and joyful laugh and applause (the video materials of this event have been uploaded to gaoda technology qq group for you to download and consult).

 i hope all the staff can learn from them and look forward to seeing you in the next excellent staff award ceremony!


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