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a special paper machine in shandong starts up normally
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after the tense debugging work, the factory has started the paper normally. the paper machine produces special paper, among which the paper machine drive, dcs, qcs are all selected from our company's products. the common dc bus system is adopted for the electric drive system, in which the converter adopts the basic rectifier unit blm of siemens sinamics family and the inverter adopts s120. the low voltage devices are made of siemens and schneider brands, and the operating panel uses the latest kp1200 comport of siemens. the machine has a high demand for control precision. smc30 encoder module is used to receive encoder speed feedback, and a vector control system with encoder control is constructed.
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please see the actual photos taken on site:

        cabinet arrangement diagram 1

cabinet arrangement 2

s120 inverter

s120 and g120

smc30 encoder module

low voltage devices

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