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gaoda technology successfully completed the restructuring,
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 gaoda technology successfully completed the restructuring, and the sales situation from january to april was gratifying

sichuan gaoda technology co., ltd., formerly a subordinate enterprise of china academy of engineering physics, has restructured the company in accordance with the relevant policy spirit of national military civilian integration. after being publicly listed in chongqing united property exchange, it has introduced new strategic investors as controlling shareholders, and the whole restructuring has been successfully completed.

the restructured sichuan gaoda technology co., ltd. is composed of strategic investors, mianyang jiusheng investment (local state-owned assets), computer research institute of china academy of engineering physics (military assets of central enterprises) and employee shares. it is a typical mixed ownership enterprise. the new management team is composed of huang shiyong, hu debing, yang yun, ren kunbiao, ren xiaoxiong, liao xianbin and xiao yun.

the new management team said: continue to deepen the business of gundam technology in the automation of pulp and paper industry, and cooperate with siemens to carry out project financial services, project general contracting and other services, so as to provide users with better and more convenient solutions, build gaoda technology into a comprehensive first-class enterprise specializing in pulp and paper making and focusing on automation and intelligent services.

from january to april this year, the sales situation of gaoda technology was gratifying, the sales volume increased by 50% over the same period last year, and the construction of sales team and technical team stepped to a new level.

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