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 sichuan gaoda technology co., ltd. 's core products -j9九游国际真人
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sichuan gaoda technology co., ltd. 's core products - x-ray sensor
sichuan gaoda technology co., ltd. 's core products - x-ray sensor
sichuan gaoda technology co., ltd. 's core products - x-ray sensor
sichuan gaoda technology co., ltd. 's core products - x-ray sensor
x radiation transducers
product type:gbw-102xray
product details

▼measurement index

quantification (g / m2), thickness (mm), ash (%).

▼application area

paper, film, metal sheet, and other surface materials (single component).

▼mainly constitutes

the x-ray sensor consists of both the transmitter head and the receiver head.
the launch head mainly includes: the launch head box, x-ray tube, high-voltage power supply, lead sealed container, measuring window film, etc. the receiving head mainly includes: receiving head box, ionization chamber, dc high-voltage power supply, signal transport and discharge circuit board, signal processing circuit board, communication circuit board, measuring window film, etc.

▼measuring principle

through the transmitter head x-ray tube load high voltage power excitation x-ray, x-ray from the emission window to the measured medium, some x-ray absorbed by the medium material, some x-ray through the medium to the receiver head, receiving the ionization chamber and the electronic circuit received through the measured material absorption weakened ray and convert out of the electrical signal is proportional to the received ray intensity. through the mathematical model of the measured medium and the big data fit the relationship between the measured medium and the signal.
in the applied measurement, the density of measured medium is calculated by measured signal function interpolation.

▼technical feature

does not need to apply for the use of the license, environmental protection record.

the different components of the measured medium can match different ray tube targets and stimulate x-rays at different energy levels.

the  lead tank sealed ray source is tightly screened, and the environmental radiation index is reached outside the range of 30cm around.

8-15mm measures the gap with the shortest ray air path and the lowest environmental interference.

the ionization chamber type matches the x-ray energy spectrum, with high sensitivity and wide linearity.

precision microelectronics circuit, high stability, high signal to noise ratio, large dynamic range.

receives constant temperature heating in the chamber and prevents condensation in the measurement window to ensure the stability of the measured environmental parameters.

measuring window horizontal blowing, dust self-cleaning.

online transmission type nondestructive testing.

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