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sichuan gaoda technology co., ltd. 's core products - infrared moisture sensor
sichuan gaoda technology co., ltd. 's core products - infrared moisture sensor
sichuan gaoda technology co., ltd. 's core products - infrared moisture sensor
infrared moisture sensor
product type:gms-201r/t
product details

▼measurement index

rate of water content (%).

▼application area


▼mainly constitutes

the infrared water sensor consists of the transmitting head and the receiving head.
the emission head mainly includes: the emission head box, halogen light source, light source adjustment circuit board, light guide cylinder, convex lens and so on.
the receiving head mainly includes: receiving head box, flexible guide optical optical fiber, filter, infrared detector, signal transport and discharge circuit board, communication circuit board, etc.

▼measuring principle

the material component has a strong absorption capacity of the infrared energy at a specific wavelength, without absorbing the infrared energy at other wavelengths. the wavelength that is easy to be absorbed by the material component is selected as the measurement wavelength and the material wavelength as the reference wavelength, and the ratio of the measured wavelength and the reference wavelength to the actual content of the measured material is established, and the component content of the measured material can be selected. the main components of the paper include water and wood fiber. select the three characteristic wavelengths: the characteristic wavelength easily absorbed by water, the characteristic wavelength not easily absorbed as the reference wavelength; the three characteristic wavelengths are converted into electrical signals from the photodetector and the ratio between the fiber ratio and the water rate of the paper.

▼technical characteristics

light source current is divided into 4 gears, external control switch, adapt to the different degrees of different paper;

light source soft start power supply, pulse width modulation of current stability and protection circuit, stability, energy saving, durability;

measures the clearance of multiple reflection transmission structure, higher water sensitivity, not sensitive to the fluctuation of the paper line;

double detector at the same time as the view point detection, the signal ratio has no disparity time difference, adapt to fast scanning;

cut disc and other rotating parts, more reliable work, multi-optical continuous measurement rather than alternating measurement;

infrared detector adopts photovoltaic devices, no dark current, better thermal stability and linearity;

optical intensity signal output mode 4~20ma or 0~10v is optional, the probe temperature signal current output;

pre-calibration samples and data are sufficient, mathematical graphics software fitting, the function curve is closer to the true measurement;

constant temperature heating air dryer options, air gap temperature is controlled to prevent window condensation.

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