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  • case 1
    sichuan rongzeng environmental protection technology co., ltd.
    1w ton / year organic solvent waste liquid recycling project

    > sichuan rongzeng environmental protection technology co., ltd., committed to the r&d, promotion and service of environmental protection technology, is an environmental protection company committed to the recycling and reuse of waste organic solvents, mainly providing the recycling of hazardous waste services.

    > the project includes 6 organic waste liquid production and treatment lines and its public supporting works provides users with configuration and control solutions for multiple key process equipment.

    profinetio modules are used in the environmental industry
    • ● i/o point: 4,560 points
    • ● simatic pcs7 v9.0
    • ● i/o control station: 13 pcs
    • ● cpu 410-5h et 200sp
    • ● large central control display screen: 1 set
    profinetio module
    • ● cpu redundancy configuration to improve system reliability.
    • ● cpu s7-300 / 400 / 1200 / 1500 communicates directly to wincc via pn/dp interface and system integration.
    • ● cast the os screen and video security monitoring into the large screen, convenient for the operators to better view the real situation of the scene.
    plc digital output module assistant production
    • ● it's the first dcs and complete integrated control project of organic waste liquid treatment for us, which reduces the site operators and improves the control level of the whole plant.
    • ● the model project of organic waste liquid treatment has played a very good demonstration role for the subsequent similar and the same industry projects.
    sichuan gaoda technology co., ltd. is the io module manufacturer plc digital input module
  • case 2
    new zhongtian engineering technology (chongqing) co., ltd.
    hanzhong shimen hazardous waste collection & disposal center capacity expansion upgrading project

    > this project, invested and constructed by hanzhong shimen hazardous waste collection & disposal center, adopts rotary kiln incineration technology as hazardous waste incineration main device, which daily treatment capacity of 50 tons and processing capacity of 17,000 t/a. the project is generally contracted by new zhongtian engineering technology (chongqing) co., ltd., and we complete the electrical automatic control system equipment (instrument, dcs, sis, industrial tv, cable, bridge, auxiliary materials, construction).

    analog input module price
    • ● siemens as400 redundant controller et200sp hf high-performance distributed control station for dcs part.
    • ● siemens 410e redundancy controller et200m f fault safety module, io full redundancy simatic mta for sis system.
    • ● the dcs & sis system adopts a unified platform operation to facilitate production operation and maintenance.
    • ● provide industrial tv and general instrument electrical installation, to provide all round electrical automation solutions for project construction.
    dcs i/o module in the control system
    • ● through the full set of the dcs and sis products of siemens, using the special industry function library of gaoda, it achieves the perfect and seamless connection of control system and data, operates convenience, reduces the difficulty of maintenance, and provides a highly reliable guarantee for the customer's production operation.
    the wide application of io module intelligent manhole cover sensor manufacturing
  • case 3
    jingjin environmental protection co.,ltd.
    filter-pressed sludge treatment dcs control system

    > jingjin environmental protection co.,ltd. is a comprehensive environmental protection service provider integrating filtration equipment manufacturing, overall solution of filtration technology, general contracting and operation of environmental protection projects. it is the vice president unit of china environmental protection industry association, and the main drafter of the national standard of filter press. its products are exported to 123 countries and regions.

    > gaoda is parter for this project, the general contract of the two sludge treatment projects of yueyang forest & paper co., ltd., and responsible for the dcspart of the two of projects.

    plc digital input module to help environmental protection
    • ● as410-5 controller et200m profinet
    • ● simatic pcs7 v8.0
    • ● i/o point: 3,017 points
    profinetio modules are used in the environmental industry
    • ● it is the first time that up to 12 filter presses are fully concentrated in the dcs system, instead of communication with each filter press plc. the maintainability and advanced of system all are in the lead than the tradition mode, using the special gaoda's function library.
    • ● in the filter press industry, the dcs mode control is fully adopted for the first time, which greatly reduces the number of field operators and the difficulty of inspection, truly realizing the centralized control, unified scheduling, and highly intelligent filter press sludge treatment production line.
    sichuan gaoda technology co., ltd. remote terminal unit help environmental protection smart manhole cover sensor