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  • case 1
    guangxi tianyuan new energy materials co., ltd.
    annual output of 25000 tons battery grade lithium hydroxide and 100000 tons lithium battery recycling project (phase i)

    > guangxi tianyuan new energy materials co., ltd., is a r&d, production and service for the integration of high-tech company in a new energy industry. comprehensive strength is in the forefront of the industry.

    > this project is the first basic lithium salt production project in guangxi for gaoda.

    > the company is located in qinzhou national economic and technological development zone, and covering an area of about 200 mu. the total investment of the project is 510 million yuan. after mass production, the new increase output value can be 3 billion yuan, and the annual new tax revenue is more than 100 million yuan. after the second phase of the project is completed and put into operation, the project will build the world's largest single water lithium hydroxide production line based on this project.

    dcs control system of gundam technology
    • ● i/o point: 3,620 points
    • ● simatic pcs7 v8.0
    • ● dcs control cabinet: 18 pcs
    • ● the client / server (c/s) architecture
    • ● cpu 410-5h (redundant) et200sp
    • ● ai and ao with safety barrier
    the i/o module has high reliability
    • ● cpu redundancy configuration to improve system reliability.
    • ● through the profinet to achieve the real decentralized control, perfectly integrating the single control of the equipment on the production line and the interlocking control of the whole line into the one pcs7 system.
    profinet gateway of sichuan gaoda technology co. ltd
    • ● through pcs7, accurate and stable control of production, reduce field operators, and improve the control level of the whole plant.
    • ● the model project of basic lithium salt production has played a very good demonstration role for the subsequent similar and the same industry projects.
    profinet gateway and io module plc digital output module
  • case 2
    guangxi pingguo hetai technology co., ltd.
    60 kt/ a new dry process aluminum fluoride project (phase i project)

    > with a total investment of 550 million yuan, the project of 120,000 tons of dry aluminum fluoride supporting ice crystal production line will be built in two phases, including the first phase of the annual production line of 60,000 tons of dry aluminum fluoride supporting ice crystal production line. it is an important project of the "second pioneering work" of guangxi aluminum, a key project of promoting the "double hundred and double new" project at the autonomous region level, and the on-site observation and promotion meeting of major projects in the autonomous region. aluminum fluoride products have high purity, stable quality, and meet or exceed the national aluminum fluoride af-o quality standards.

    plc digital output module
    • ● i/o point: 1,788 points
    • ● simatic pcs7 v8.0
    • ● dcs control cabinet: 4 pcs
    • ● the client / server (c/s) architecture
    • ● cpu 410-5h (redundant) et200sp
    • ● ai and ao with safety barrier
    • ● collect third-party data through modbus protocol
    analog input module price
    • ● cpu redundancy configuration to improve system reliability.
    • ● the dcs and sis integration project, using the sis system to protect the important devices.
    • ● sis modules are a proven automation technology and products, used to control processes, to ensure that these processes are in a safe state immediately after interruption.
    analog output module
    • ● both accurate and stable control of aluminum fluoride is realized through pcs7. develop the special functional block is customized according to the field control process, which improves the automation control level of the whole factory.
    • ● the first use of pcs7 system realized the transition from the original plc control to dcs control, which had a positive impact on the continued selection of pcs7 system for subsequent projects.
    analog expansion module intelligent manhole cover
  • case 3
    saint-gobain proppants (guanghan) co., ltd.
    annual output of 80,000 tons of oil proppant (ceramsite sand) dcs production line

    > the saint-gobain group, headquartered in france, produces, processes and sells high-tech materials and provides services, which processing raw materials into advanced materials for our daily lives and developing new materials for the future. the saint-gobain group is a european and world leader in all its industries and is one of the top 100 industrial groups in the world.

    > it covers three main businesses: abrasive, ceramic materials and glass fiber.

    > petroleum proppant (ceramic sand) is a ceramic particle product with high fracturing strength, mainly used for downhole support in oil fields to increase the production of oil and natural gas, which is an environmentally friendly product.

    dcs sichuan gaoda technology co., ltd
    • ● i/o point: 3,600 points
    • ● simatic pcs7 v7.1
    • ● i/o control station: 5 pcs
    plc digital input/output module
    • ● it is the upgrading project, according to the customer demand, which change the field plc control to a complete set of fully automated dcs control. single plc control of the imported equipment on the site reprogram to dcs mode, using gaoda's function library and siemens pcs7 software. after upgrading, greatly reduce the production line operation and maintenance personnel, and significantly increase the production capacity.
    sichuan gaoda technology co., ltd. intelligent manhole cover management system smart manhole cover sensor
  • case 4
    guizhou chitianhua paper industry co., ltd.
    35mw waste heat utilization extraction steam turbine generator unit project dcs

    > 1 x 35mw waste heat utilization extraction steam turbine generator unit dcs system

    io module
    • ● as410 redundant controller et200sp ha
    • ● advanced operating platform: sppa-t3000
    • ● i/o point: 900 points
    analog output module
    • ● use as410 redundant controller et200sp ha scheme to make sure the generator unit more stable and reliable.
    • ● with its flexible and excellent system functionality, embedded component service of the ecs ® architecture and standardized communication, sppa-t3000 dcs system can meet all needs of the power plant control system.
    remote terminal sensor analog output module
  • case 5
    sichuan huisheng new energy co., ltd.
    annual output of 100,000 tons of biodiesel instrument electrical automation project

    > this project is located in jinxiang chemical industry park of meishan city, and the construction nature is newly built. sichuan huisheng new energy co., ltd. is mainly the production of biodiesel products professional management enterprises, occupied a pivotal position in meishan new energy industry, making the quality of the product guaranteed to promote the competitive edge.

    new energy uses gundam io module
    • ● as410smart controller et200m profibus-dp
    • ● simatic pcs7 v8.0
    • ● i/o point: 2,000 points
    application of profinet remote io module
    • ● as the current design capacity of the largest biodiesel project, gaoda provides the full set of electrical automation and installation integration solutions, application of siemens pcs7 fully integrated digital concept, integrated field equipment control, a large number of automated intelligent program application, to reduce the field inspection personnel and ensure the high quality of the production line.
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